Full-Service Interior Design

Maybe you’re already thinking about what you would change. Your kitchen? Your family room? Or perhaps you know that something just isn’t right about the way your home feels or functions. Together we will figure it out. Your home will reflect your tastes, your lifestyle and what matters to you most.

As we create the look of each room, we consider every detail. For kitchens, that includes dishes, glasses and silverware. For bathrooms, we’ll select accessories, towels and mats. We can source decorative items and artwork if you’d like, or incorporate pieces you already own. The same holds true for furniture, lighting fixtures or any item that you love or that holds special meaning.

As an interior design firm, we have access to a broad range of furnishings. Oftentimes, we commission pieces crafted specifically for our clients, where we can chose from a far wider selection of fabrics, and items such as sofas and chairs can be built to the dimensions of the room and their intent. Window treatments, rugs, pillows and bedding can be custom-made as well.

These pieces take careful planning. Once we have worked with you in the selection of fabrics or other details, our team places orders, tracks all items, and arrange for white glove delivery. We are onsite for installation and will perform a full inspection and resolve any deficiencies.

From the initial consultation to the final detail, we manage it all. We’re on top of every aspect of design: research, product selections, ordering, tracking, receiving, inspecting and installing. We collaborate with the trusted tradespeople we include in our projects. That includes painters, electricians and woodworkers, along with upholsterers, flooring installers and any other vendor who will play a role in your home’s transformation.

Read more about how we will work together in our Process for Happiness guide, or schedule a call.


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